Katy's Loss by Maxwell Winshire

Dystopian TV SATIRE

Book 1: ‘What’s your problem?’ Trilogy

Welcome to the dystopian future of TV in 2084: ‘What’s your problem?’ Counselor versus Patient, competing to win, against each other.

“Darkly funny, wild and shocking.” Editorial Review 

Katy is a former beauty queen, who has struggled with weight issues all her life and this new TV show, “What’s your Problem?” promises a solution to anyone’s problems. If she wins, she gets her dream aquarium bathtub. If she loses, the forfeit is designed for maximum personal humiliation.

Enter Captain Stanislav Boglosovic from stage-left, a thin elderly former ‘translator’ wanted for war crimes, struggling in retirement in Brazil. If he wins, he gets his pension; If he loses, he calculates prison, but he’s never lost; whatever it takes to win, there are no limits.

But who will win? And is the prize worth the effort for one, and the forfeit for the other?

Let the tournament commence, and all our hopes and fears begin.

WARNING: This is strictly for Adults Only containing profanity, heterosexual and non-binary graphic themes and scenes.

Best Selling Author

Maxwell Winshire

 Max is the author of the ‘What’s your problem?’ Trilogy, published by Seedwood Publishing in 2022.

Max was a schoolteacher before he started writing full-time. His favourite writers are Charles Bukowski, J.D. Salinger, George Orwell, Ken Kesey, Tom Wolfe, Ray Bradbury, Jack Kerouac, Martin Amis, Julian Barnes and Stephen King.

“Language should be as fluid as sexuality, you should experiment with it, create new words, new punctuation. At least that’s my excuse!”

Max describes himself as spiritual rather than religious, doesn’t smoke, drink or do any drugs, and meditates every day. Namaste.

Max loves to hear from readers who enjoyed his work: max at maxwellwinshire.com
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Tony is eighteen, with an attitude problem; he doesn’t like yours.

Tony likes drugs, who doesn’t. Listens to gangster rap, likewise. Everyone’s on the make; dog eat dog; survival of the fittest; act before you’re acted upon and ask questions later. There’s only one person who counts: Tony. And if you don’t like that, you’ve got a problem. 

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If he wins the TV show, he wants a Ferrari, ‘to give my dad a lift’ and an ‘AM/FMd’; A Mobile/ For My Dad, ‘so my dad can call me whenever he wants’.

Odin likes to re-enact his fantasies with dolls. He is very excited about being Tony’s counsellor because he is such a ‘beautiful sexy boy’. If he wins, he wants some pills to take Tony on a ‘special’ date.

But who will win? And is the prize worth the effort for one, and the forfeit for the other?


Mathew is a washed-up Jesus-looking young alcoholic schoolteacher and Sister Xavier thinks of herself as his Sister Savior. The only way to redemption, of course, is to confess, and that is what she is here to hear from him, tonight. Publicly, of course.

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The only problem is Sister Xavier has problems of her own, in addition to being expelled from the Church for ‘unmentionables’.

And she wants Mathew to act out his worst misdeeds in a psychodrama on stage, with a little help from his friends, including his best friend, alcohol.

There can be only one winner, will it be the Savior or the Sinner?

Find out in the final instalment of the “What’s Your Problem?” Trilogy. 


A Dystopian TV SATIRE Trilogy

Includes Book 1: Katy’s Loss; Book 2: Tony’s Cross; Book 3: Matt’s Shadow


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