Maxwell Winshire is a former international schoolteacher with a master’s degree in Education from the University of London. He taught extensively in the UK and overseas on three continents for over ten years.

His teaching career was effectively ended in 2018 when he was arrested for downloading indecent images of children after taking his laptop in to be repaired, although he still maintains his innocence, which he described in his semi-autobiographical crime novel, The Knock: A True Story of an  Innocent Man, a Twisted Accusation and the Fight for Truth (2023).

He started writing the What’s Your Problem? Trilogy in 2000, and Book 1: Katy’s Loss was published online in 2009, and subsequently Book 2: Tony’s Cross, and Book 2: Matt’s Shadow, completed the trilogy in an omnibus edition titled, What’s your problem? A Game of Truth published by Seedwood Publishing in 2023. These books formed the basis for his defence in his UK jury trial.

He lives by the sea and is married with two children, and his hobby is taking his kids to theirs.

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